Hi there!

I’m Annum, a twenty-something marketer by day, blogger by night who’s determined to travel adventurously and live creatively. Nothing takes my breath away like exploring new countries and cultures. Nothing reinvigorates my faith in Allah (God) like seeing the wonders He has placed in this world. And nothing teaches me more about myself than stepping outside of my familiar neighbourhood (and comfort zone) to visit someplace different. When I’m not off globetrotting, I’m happily immersed in an art project.


One of my favorite travel moments, watching the sunrise atop a volcano in Hawaii

So, how do my travels and art collide?

Let’s start with a little backstory: I grew up in Toronto and dreamed of becoming an artist. My parents would usually find my school-aged self scribbling away on a drawing of Sailor Moon, sculpting a miniature pharaoh for class, or gluing popsicle sticks together to make a dollhouse.

As I grew up, I funneled some of my creative energy and curiosity into a more stable-so-I-don’t-end-up-homeless career path. Today, I work in tech and have authored a ton of content for companies like HubSpot, Localytics, Twitter and Google, a sample of which you can find here.

But building a career as a marketer was never the whole masterplan, nor was it a big enough vessel to contain my creative energy and curiosity. Some of it evolved into wanderlust. And the rest I channel into my condo, which is now my canvas.

This blog is my space to separate the “work me” and the “fun me” - just kidding - it’s my space to document my endless adventurous and artistic pursuits outside of my day job. These pursuits usually involve my husband Saad, so I should probably take a second to introduce him too.


My husband Saad, behind the camera vs. in front of the camera

This is Saad. He’s my loving and begrudgingly-cooperating-Instagram-husband-in-training. He works in sales, is a huge Boston sports fan, and a Bhangra fanatic. 

After we got married, I moved to America and we now live in Cambridge, Massachusetts with our Maine Coon cat Juno.


Our wedding day (a.k.a. the luckiest day of Saad's life 😎)

As you follow me around, I hope I can inspire you to travel more fully (beyond just lying on a beach at a resort) and design a home and life that’s an authentic reflection of you. At the very least, I hope I can share something beautiful and useful.

Shall we see how it goes?